Joe Biden Proves He’s A MUCH Better Negotiator Than Trump; He Helped Save Obamacare

Donald Trump made became a household name in the 80s after pretending to write a book called “The Art of the Deal.” After that, his reputation was sealed as a great negotiator — or so his followers thought.

That illusion was shattered on Friday, though, after the Senate failed to pass its latest attempt at repealing Obamacare. Despite Trump’s last minute appeal to John McCain, McCain became one of three Republicans who are credited with killing the bill.

It turns out that the real deal-maker in this scenario was our former Vice President. Joe Biden called his friend and former colleague before the vote. Former Senator Joe Lieberman did the same.

While we don’t know what Trump said to McCain that apparently had no effect, one of the reasons it fell on deaf ears is Trump’s blatant insincerity. On the campaign trial, Trump disparaged McCain, saying he preferred people who weren’t captured — referring to the fact that McCain was captured by North Vietnamese and held and tortured in a POW camp for 5 1/5 years.

Before the vote, and after McCain had voted to let the vote go forward, Trump tweeted that McCain was a hero.

Biden’s call may or may not have been the deciding factor in McCain’s vote, but you can be sure it was more meaningful than Trump’s. Biden, unlike Trump, can be kind and diplomatic, even when there are political disagreements. Biden is capable of emotional appeals, simply because he experiences empathy, something Trump completely lacks. Biden also has first-hand experience with the kind of brain cancer for which McCain is currently undergoing treatment. He lost his son to it. You can be sure that Biden, in his heartfelt way, helped convince McCain that no one should be denied treatment for such a cruel disease.

The Post reported that Biden had a more emotional discussion with McCain, reflecting on his son Beau Biden’s death to the same brain cancer McCain was diagnosed with earlier this month. Biden’s son died in 2015, two years after his initial diagnosis.

Source: The Hill

Whatever or whoever convinced McCain to do the right thing, it’s clear that Trump’s deal-making abilities don’t translate to D.C. That’s one small consolation for having a narcissistic madman at the helm of our country.

Featured image via Mark Makela/Getty Images

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