White Man Murders Cop And Racist Media Stays Silent

Jason Brown, despite the “colorful” appellation, is about the whitest name I’ve heard all day. Except I didn’t hear it today. Not in the news anyway. Not on that little “trending” bar on the side of my Facebook feed, or with a hashtag in front of it on Twitter. Which is weird, because a dude named Jason Brown murdered a police officer in Indianapolis on Thursday.

I can’t help but think if his skin matched his name, you’d already know who I was talking about. In fact, if Jason Brown looked a little more like Michael Brown, you might already know he had previous drug charges. You might even have seen this picture of him by now:

I know you haven’t seen that picture until now, though. In fact, I know unless you clicked the link above, you still think I’m just making some point about how white people can get away with all kinds of stuff people of color in America can’t. I’m not, of course. I’m just here to provide some contrast for the very limited, very, very sanitized coverage available so far about Jason Brown, from the south side of Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • He’s a tattoo artist
  • He’s like, super shy
  • He has a 3 year-old son
  • Jason would totally never do anything like this
  • Something must have happened

All that is according to literally everyone the news has bothered to contact so far about this guy who murdered a cop. Perhaps if there was some footage of him selling loose cigarettes.

You see, when Jason Brown got in a terrible car accident and officers responded to the scene, they expected to find someone in need of assistance. The slain policeman, Lieutenant Aaron Allan, certainly didn’t expect to be met by a driver hanging upside-down in the demolished car, ready to fire multiple shots into his torso.

Lt. Allan died later Thursday.

So where is the wall-to-wall coverage of this cop murderer? It must be hiding behind this family-provided picture that the news is running with:

All I can say is, I’ve been working on this article for a while now, and I just came across the very first link that provided any insight as to why he might have completely broken character and started shooting at the officer. An Indy NBC affiliate says the police recovered 13 small bags of weed — which of course is possession with intent to deliver. Prison time.

I wonder if, when they finally do charge Brown with the officer’s murder (since they still haven’t), they’ll tack on those drug charges too, like they would if he was actually, um… Brown?

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images