Ted Nugent Breaks Civility Pledge With Unhinged Obama Rant For No Apparent Reason

After GOP Rep. Steve Scalise was shot during a congressional baseball practice, provocateur and has been rock star Ted Nugent made a promise to dial down his own violent hate-filled rhetoric.

During an appearance on the WABC Radio Show “Curtis & Eboni,” Nugent said that “my wife has convinced me that I just can’t use those harsh terms. I cannot, and I will not, and I encourage even my friends-slash-enemies on the left in the Democrat and liberal world that we have got to be civil to each other.”

Source: Salon

For the man who threatened to kill both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, that pledge lasted just over a month.

During a concert in Bonner Springs, Kansas on Friday night, Nugent became unhinged over the President — no, not Trump, the one who’s no longer in office and has absolutely zero to do with Nugent’s life. He also insulted country music.

“I was going to play a country song but I still have a (penis) so I can’t do that.” And before “Dog Eat Dog,” he praised the president and then told members of the military he was sorry they’d had to serve eight years under his predecessor, a commander-in-chief who was an “absolute piece of s***. … And if that offends you, you’re a piece of s***.”

Source: KansasCity.com

Interesting to know that Nugent’s obsession with Obama has long out-lived the presidency. Then again, in April, Nugent said of Obama, “No! I will never apologize for calling out evil people,” he said, arguing that Mr. Obama “intentionally dismantled the American dream for eight years.”

One can only imagine what American dream Nugent is referring to, but there might be some clues in this Media Matters compilation of vile racist sputum that has escaped Nugent’s mouth in recent years. Nugent might have tried to tone down the rhetoric, but his hate-filled freak flag apparently has to fly. His only hope is that Donald Trump can turn America back into a white man’s paradise as it once used to be. Sorry Teddy, but it ain’t gonna happen.

Featured image of President Obama via Scott Olson/Getty Images | Featured image of Ted Nugent via Valerie Macon/Getty Images.

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