New Report Says Trump Destroyed Scaramucci’s Marriage

Donald Trump’s new pick for Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, is apparently so enamored with Trump that it’s come between him and his wife, at least according to the New York Post’s Page Six.

Scaramucci’s wife, Deidre Ball, was a Vice President in investor relations for Scaramucci’s former company, SkyBridge Capital. According to Page Six, Ball is filing for divorce because of Scaramucci’s ambition and his desire to get close to Trump, who she can’t stand. They have been married for three years and have two children together.

One source told Page Six, “Deidre has left him and has filed for divorce. She liked the nice Wall Street life and their home on Long Island, not the insane world of D.C. She is tired of his naked ambition, which is so enormous that it left her at her wits’ end. She has left him even though they have two children together.”

A second source close to Scaramucci — who has alternately not been wearing his wedding ring, or has been sporting it on his right hand — said the former couple had fought over his loyalty to Trump. This was his second marriage and Ball was noticeably not present at his recent SALT conference in mid-May.

The New York Post is traditionally one of the few media outlets that refuses to report on everything negative about the Trump administration and ,maybe the reason this story made the papers is that it’s all about Scaramucci’s swooning love affair with Trump.

“The Mooch,” as Scaramucci refers to himself, admires Trump’s alleged athletic abilities:

“I’ve seen this guy throw a dead spiral through a tire. I’ve seen him at Madison Square Garden with a topcoat on. He’s standing in the key and he’s hitting foul shots and swishing them, OK? He sinks 3-foot putts.”

Source: Newsweek

In fact, during his initial press briefing, the Mooch used the word “love” 21 times, and most of them were about Trump.

…I love the President, and I’m very, very loyal to the President. And I love the mission that the President has, okay? Since the early days of the campaign when I went to these rallies and I saw the love that the people had for the President, and I grew up in the middle class, and so there’s a struggle out there. The President saw that before I did. I wish I could tell you I saw it before him, but he taught it to me. And I feel that struggle and have empathy for that struggle, and I want to be here to help him make things better for the American people.

What do you want to bet that his wife doesn’t receive the same sort of adulation. Brava to Ball, though, for standing up for her principles and for her perfectly normal hatred of Donald Trump.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

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