Trump Awards Woman The Medal Of Valor Then Kisses Her

On Thursday, Donald Trump awarded the Medal of Valor to five first responders for their heroic actions after a crazed Jill Stein supporter opened fire on congressional baseball practice, nearly killing raging homophobe and terrible human being Rep. Steve Scalise.

“These officers saved the lives of every innocent person on the field that day,” Trump said in a ceremony in the East Room of the White House, calling the men and woman “American heroes” for their actions.

Capitol Police Special Agent Crystal Griner, who was wounded in the attack, was among those Trump honored — and he certainly treated her with all the respect she deserved…NOT (is that still cool to do?).

After presenting her with her medal, Trump whispered in her ear and leaned in for an incredibly uncomfortable kiss Griner went out of her way to ensure was only on the cheek.

Naturally, the internet cringed in collective horror:

If Griner looked like she couldn’t stand being near him, it’s worth noting that she is a member of the LGBT community and Trump just got done saying that transgender Americans aren’t human enough to serve their country and followed that up by having his justice department dispute the fact that her basic civil rights exist.

Then he forced a totally unwanted kiss on her.

Featured image via screengrab

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