Insane Racist Fired For Death Threats Against Muslims ‘Parked Too Close’ At Walmart

You thought the people passing through Fargo, North Dakota were crazy. Now we have to worry about wood chippers in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

On Tuesday, genuinely terrifying racist Amber E. Hensley confronted some Muslim women who she felt had “parked too close” for her to get in her car, although vehicle proximity may not have been the only factor, it appears. In mere moments, the disagreement turned into death threats against sisters Sarah and Laleyla Hassan and another passenger in their car, Rowda Soyan. All are Somali-American Muslims.

The trio was on their way to see a movie, Raw Story reports, when they were approached by Hensley, who shouted at them through the window of their car. After exchanging taunts about who was or was not an American, the sister with the camera, Sarah, asked the woman “what are you gonna do?” Hensley leaned in and told the young women just what her intentions were:

“We’re gonna kill all of ya. We’re gonna kill every one of you fuckin’ Muslims.

Later, she asked the would-be moviegoers “why are you in our country, anyway?”

Hensley was fired nearly as soon as the video went public. From a statement issued by Horab & Wentz, the accounting firm where she previously worked:

The women, of course, disagreed about what happened when the camera wasn’t rolling. After her firing, Amber Hensley posted an “apology” on her now-deleted Facebook page:

In an interview with the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Sarah Hassan denied ever having insulted Jesus.

We Muslims, we believe in Jesus, too. If I abuse Jesus it’s like I’m abusing my own god and I not going to be considered a Muslim.

This is a common mistake among Christians who don’t know anything about Islam. There are a great many parallels between the two Abrahamic religions, although names differ between them. In addition to lying about what Sarah said, Sarah claims that Hensley also mocked her sister Lalelya’s crossed eyes and said it was the reason the women were parked so poorly.

Amber Hensley was, of course, a big fan of Donald Trump:

We wish Amber E. Hensley the worst, as she searches in vain for another place that will hire crazy-ass racists who threaten to kill people for parking too close.

Watch the video here:

Featured image via Scott Olson/Getty Images