GOP Rep Blames Media For Trump’s Attacks On Sessions

On Thursday, GOP Rep. Dave Brat took to CNN to blame, of all people, the media for Donald Trump’s relentless attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Brat represents Virginia’s 7th District, which may explain his love of both Sessions and Trump, and his desire to blame someone else for their falling out. The 7th District was created in 1993 by decree of the Department of Justice, who forced the state to create at least one “majority minority” district in order to comply with Section 5 of the Civil Rights Act. Much of the urban areas of Richmond were carved out into a new 3rd District, and what was left — the mainly white voters — were left in the 7th.

Being as Trump and Sessions are now the two most powerful racists in America, it stands to reason that a guy representing an area that hasn’t voted for a single Democrat in more than 45 years — and never elected a person of color — would want them to get along.

In a statement released by Brat’s office on Wednesday, he decried the “full-throated obsession over Russia” by the media, which he said could not have been foreseen at the time of Sessions’ recusal from the investigation. That recusal has been the source of the recent enmity between the AG and the president. From the statement:

The media’s attacks have only escalated since Trump’s inauguration. Fake news dominates. Anchors now make the news by opinion, instead of reporting objective reality. The President is frustrated with those who have called for his impeachment since day one.

But CNN’s Kate Bolduan took Brat to task for seemingly blaming the press for Trump’s social media outburts. In a testy exchange, she maintained a difficult smile as she said “the media’s not forcing the president to tweet his attacks.” Brat’s response? “I think you did.” Bolduan was incredulous:

Are you kidding me? The media did not force the president to attack Jeff Sessions.

Watch the exchange in this tweet from CNN’s Katerina Erbiti:

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images