Trump’s Approval Rating Takes Game-Changing Turn In 11 Pro-Trump States (DETAILS)

Donald Trump’s approval rating continues to plummet in its downward spiral, and it seems to be getting lower by the week. The latest bad news for the man baby in the White House will be that more Americans disapprove of Trump’s job performance than approve in 31 states across the country. Here’s the real kicker – this includes 11 states that he’d actually won in November!

It turns out, not even Trump’s most supportive audiences are willing to stand by him after watching him try to burn our country to the ground on a weekly basis. The states that have changed their minds about Trump include Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida, Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona – and two states that shocked everyone – Indiana and Texas.

You can check out how the states are rating Trump below:

Trump has been setting records left and right during his presidency – and almost 100% of it is negative. Over the last three months, Gallup noted that the disgraceful POTUS’ approval rating (39 percent) has set records lows for a president in his second quarter.

When many of those states might have supported Trump last year, it seems they’re running in the opposite direction now. In Texas and Indiana, there is now a major difference between the states’ approval of Trump in November, and how the American people feel about him now. For example, in Indiana (where Vice President Mike Pence hails from), Trump had won that state by 19 points in November. Less than a year later, he is now one point underwater. In Texas, Trump had won by nine points last year. Now, he’s nine points under in that state.

This is not looking good for Trump at all, as he is consistently failing in each of these once pro-Trump states:

What this tells us is that even Trump’s supporters are getting tired of his bullsh*t and are regretful that they didn’t put their vote behind a real presidential candidate. Any Republican who wanted to give Trump the benefit of the doubt is certainly having second thoughts now.

To a normal leader, this would be devastating. Any respectable president would be panicking and consumed with how they are going to turn this around. But not Trump! Last week, Trump said that his ridiculously low approval rating of almost 40 percent was “not bad at this time” – even though he’d set a record low.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images