Trump Goes On Stunningly Bigoted Rant, Says He Will Not Allow Military Service Of Transgender Soldiers

We always knew that the Trump Administration was anti-LGBTQ. However, he just went full throttle on Twitter in an incredibly bigoted way. Despite his promises during the campaign, Trump is now insisting that transgender people should not be included in military service. Trump tweeted that transgender people would never serve in the military under his direction. Trump tweeted:

Of course, this is a major reversal of Obama-era policies. President Obama ended the travesty that was “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” for lesbian, gay, and bisexual service members. Now, he is going after the policy that would provide healthcare for transgender soldier. Trump just effectively let the nation know that he has every intention of taking the nation back to a time when equality was simply not on the table for anyone not straight, white, Christian, and cisgender.

Of course, this is red meat for Trump’s bigoted base. Also, his rabidly anti-LGBTQ #2 Soldier in bigotry, Mike Pence, likely had a whole hell of a lot to do with this. Pence hates LGBTQ people, as was shown by the actions and statements he made first during his time in Congress, and then as Governor of Indiana.

This is disgraceful. Trump made all kinds of promises he is refusing to keep. He promised he wouldn’t go after LGBTQ people. He promised to be a president for all Americans. He has now officially proven that he never had any intention of doing any such thing.

This is indeed a dark day for America.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images