Trump Attacks Sessions Again For Not Helping Him Obstruct Russia Investigation

Apparently, Donald Trump thinks the Attorney General serves as the president’s personal legal protector.

Despite criticism from many Republicans, Trump continued his attacks on Jeff Sessions on Wednesday morning, marking the third consecutive day in which Trump has targeted Sessions on Twitter.

Trump demanded to know why Sessions didn’t fire acting-FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

The political affiliation of someone’s spouse is not a legitimate reason to fire someone. Also, Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation and does not want to be seen obstructing the investigation.

Trump’s attacks against Sessions began on Monday when he demanded that Sessions persecute Hillary Clinton, referring to him as “beleaguered.”

Trump struck again on Tuesday, calling Sessions “weak” for not going after Clinton over emails.

Keep in mind that Trump himself declined to prosecute Hillary Clinton after the election.

“It’s just not something that I feel very strongly about,” Trump said at the time.

In other words, Trump knows that prosecuting Clinton would be pointless because she has been cleared by the FBI. Opening another investigation for something she was already cleared for would be a true definition of a witch hunt.

This is the third time Trump has attacked Sessions on Twitter this week alone. And it’s not making Republicans very happy. Senator Lindsey Graham slammed Trump for it in a statement he released on Twitter Tuesday morning.

And Graham is just one of many Republicans who are sick and tired of him attacking Sessions.

But Trump did it again anyway, and you have to wonder how long Republicans are going to put up with Trump’s bullshit.

Featured image via Shawn Thew-Pool/Getty Images