Trump Has Total UNHINGED Scatter-Brained Mental Meltdown For The Entire World To See

Donald Trump is desperate to distract everyone from keeping up with his Russia scandal.

In yet another early morning Twitter rant, Trump blew several fuses and made it clear that he must not be allowed to continue being president any longer.

First, Trump attacked Jeff Sessions and demanded he persecute Hillary Clinton.

Then he attacked the acting head of the FBI.

Trump then attacked Republicans and demanded they pass his terrible Trumpcare bill, and went on to compare Obamacare to torture.

Trump even delusionally claimed that Jared Kushner proved that there was no collusion with Russia.

Except that he offered no proof whatsoever and his testimony, which was not under oath, has been torn apart.

Trump also threatened the European Union for protecting their own workforce.

And then he returned to ranting about healthcare with one final tweet.

Donald Trump is not fit to serve as president. The 25th Amendment needs to be invoked or Congress needs to impeach him. He should be in prison or a mental institution, not in the White House with access to nuclear weapons.

Featured image via Steve Pope/Getty Images

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