Top Republican Senator BLISTERS Trump For Demanding The DOJ Persecute Hillary Clinton

It’s official. Donald Trump is losing Republican support in Congress.

As much as they want to believe that continuing to support Trump is in their best interests, Republicans are beginning to realize that they can no longer tolerate his unpresidential behavior.

The tipping point was reached on Tuesday when Trump attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions again on Twitter and demanded that he open an investigation against Hillary Clinton.

Apparently, Trump thinks that Hillary should be persecuted just because he is being investigated for colluding with Russia during the 2016 Election.

Well, Trump’s hissy fit did not impress Senator Lindsey Graham, who took to his own Twitter account to rip Trump a new one for his “inappropriate” meddling and obstruction.

The past support Trump has received from Republicans is clearly starting to wane. And Trump only has himself to blame because he lacks the ability to keep his mouth shut and exercise self-control. He is literally attacking his own Attorney General, a man who is supported by many Republicans in the Senate.

Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Charlie Dent also expressed frustration over Trump’s obsessive effort to derail the Russia investigation, telling Morning Joe that Trump’s whining is “distracting” and makes it a lot harder for lawmakers to do their jobs.

If Trump doesn’t stop interfering with the Department of Justice, he will lose more Republican support. At some point, they will wake up and realize that he is hurting their party and America, and once that happens, impeachment will soon follow.

Featured image via Shawn Thew-Pool/Getty Images

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