Republican Official Caught Exposing Himself Attacks Police Officer

Republicans always like to claim they are the party of “family values.” As such, they oppose anything they deem to be “sinful,” such as abortion, homosexuality, or pre-marital sex. They often use their political positions as a weapon against anyone who doesn’t adhere to their twisted version of “morality.” Along with this, though, almost always comes some kind of amazing example of hypocrisy in their ranks.

These examples pop up pretty regularly, and here we have another one.

Fifty-four-year-old David Narromore is a dentist in Kingsport, Tennessee. He is also the chairman of that state’s Republican Party. Narromore has been up to some decidedly un-family values like behavior of late, though, and now he might be going to jail for it. In the men’s restroom at a Belk’s Department Store, a most disturbing incident involving Narromore happened, and a store employee contacted police. Apparently, Mr. Narromore was exposing himself to the employee, who just happened to be a loss prevention officer using the restroom in the stall next to Narromore.

Narromore went well beyond the usual toe-tapping that happens in this case here, too. He decided it would be a good idea to stretch his foot into the unidentified employee’s stall and start massaging the other man’s foot with his own. As if that weren’t bad enough, Narromore also whipped his d*ck out for the poor innocent employee as well. This is what prompted the call to the cops.

The employee then kept Narromore in the store in his office until police arrived. Narromore was taken into custody – but not without a fight. He decided to resist arrest, refusing to comply with orders from police when they attempted to handcuff him. He became physically combative, and they had to tase him. When that didn’t work, officers were forced to take Narromore to the ground in order to cuff him and take him away. He spent the night in a cell, right where he belonged, despite his efforts to make sure that didn’t happen. After posting bail in the amount of $2,250, he was let out of the joint the next day. He is charged with resisting arrest and indecent exposure.

Of course, the Tennessee GOP has relieved Narromore of his duties after this embarrassing dust-up. Tennessee GOP Communications Director Trent Watson says of the incident:

“Dr. Narramore is clearly going through some personal issues. We wish him well as he attempts to deal with (his) personal struggles.”

Ah, yes. In Republican circles, being gay is wrong, so that means that when one has a “lapse,” it’s just “personal issues.” Maybe if this guy wasn’t such a repressed closet case, he wouldn’t be committing sex crimes in public restrooms. If you people weren’t so archaic and hateful when it comes to LGBTQ people, the people in your ranks who are repressed homosexuals wouldn’t wind up doing this sort of thing and continuously embarrassing your party.

Maybe the “issues” here have to do with the wrong-headed, hateful, and dangerous views of the GOP when it comes to homosexuality, not the people who are gay, repress it due to said views, and wind up in the slammer over it.

Then again, this guy, as a professional Republican, deserves no sympathy, as his hypocrisy is off the charts with this one. He pushes politicians and laws that harm LGBTQ people, then gets caught trolling for gay sex in a public men’s room. “Family values,” indeed.

Featured image via City Jail

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