Obama Photographer BRILLIANTLY Trolls Trump’s Wildly Inappropriate Speech To The Boy Scouts (IMAGE)

On Monday night, Donald Trump traveled to West Virginia to give a speech to a bunch of Boy Scouts – you know, children. In that speech, instead of inspiring them and being a role model, Trump chose to swear, re-litigate his Electoral College victory, talk about cocktail parties, and rant about political issues. Of course, this is a stunningly inappropriate speech for any adult to give to little kids, much less for someone in Trump’s position to do it.

There have been many responses to this insanity, but perhaps the best one came from Pete Souza, the enthusiastic photographer in the Obama White House. Souza’s Instagram account has become a goldmine of images trolling Trump’s most outrageous moments, and this one was no different. Souza posted the following photo during Trump’s speech of President Obama greeting a young Boy Scout in the Oval Office:

Of course, it also bears pointing out that President Obama was in the Indonesian equivalent of the Boy Scouts, while obviously Trump was never any kind of scout. Plus, when it comes to character, Obama exudes what the Scouts strive to be, while Trump is everything they don’t want anyone to be.

The striking part of all of this, though, is to show just how low we have gone as a country to have this orange fascist and his goons running it. Trump is racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, vindictive, a bully, and a con man. On the other side of that, President Obama was easily one of the most extraordinary human beings to ever hold that office. He is, as a person, the very definition of class and dignity.

Oh, America, what have we done? How did we elect a man who is the best role model we could ask for when it comes to having behavior in the Oval Office we want future generations to emulate, to having a fraudulent vulgarian in there who exhibits behavior even toddlers know better to engage in?

We can only speculate, but thank goodness for Pete Souza’s Instagram account to help us remember what it was like to have a real president.

Featured image via Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

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