Ivanka Trump Made Up Fake News About Albert Einstein And The Internet Will Never Let Her Live It Down (TWEETS)

This should have been a red flag.

As we all know, Donald Trump is waging a war on facts and the truth. The lies from him and his administration just continue to pile up every day. Trump’s war on science and good journalism are the most prominent example of Trump overall war against facts.

Trump claims climate change does not exist and has done everything he can to turn government department such as the Environmental Protection Agency into anti-science institutions.

And Ivanka Trump endorsed all of this back in 2013 by misquoting Albert Einstein.

The problem is that Albert Einstein, who would be horrified by Trump’s “alternative facts” agenda, did NOT say it.

And Twitter users mocked Ivanka so bad that she may never show her face in public again.

Even Albert Einstein’s estate took to Twitter to confirm that the quote is fake.

Ivanka Trump is never going to live this down. Her tweet will be considered the beginning of the Trump family’s war on facts and the beginning of the “alternative facts” era that we are witnessing right now.

Featured Image: Sean Gallup/Getty Images