Germany’s President Joins Chancellor Merkel In Sharp Criticism Of ‘Irritating’ Trump

Unlike the United States, Germany has both a President and a Chancellor. The President is nothing more than a figurehead, of course; it is Chancellor Angela Merkel actually runs the nation. At any rate, Germany’s current President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, has come out on television to tell everyone just how he feels about Donald Trump.

Speaking to a German television host, President Steinmeier says that he is “irritated” by Trump. Of course, since Germany is a staunch ally of the United States, he was careful in his wording and quick to recognize the relationship between the two nations, especially during the crucial rebuilding of Europe in the post World War II era. Steinmerier says:

“Our economic development would not have happened without the Marshall Plan. In this respect, I advise us not to throw everything overboard, even though I admit that I am irritated about a lot of things.”

He went on to essentially say he knows that most Americans are just as horrified by Trump as he is:

“Not all of America has forgotten the transatlantic relationship, and therefore I believe that within American politics, there will be corrections made to what we are now seeing.”

Of course, this is how you rebuke someone without even mentioning their name. Further, these remarks should come as no surprise, since Trump and German Chanecellor Angela Merkel have long had a frosty relationship. Like decent people everywhere, she was appalled by Trump’s campaign trail behavior, and things have only gotten worse since Trump took office. When Merkel visited the White House, Trump actually gave her a bill for NATO, apparently in an attempt to keep his promise that he’d make our allies pay up before offering  our protection. He also had the audacity to joke about Merkel being wiretapped. And then of course, there was the fact that Trump was way out of his league at the G 20, the G 7 and NATO Summits.

All in all, the world cannot wait to be rid of Trump. It’s okay – neither can we.

Featured image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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