WATCH: According To Trump, ‘Obama’care Is Somehow 17 Years Old (TWEETS)

According to Donald Trump, Obamacare has “wreaked havoc” for even longer than even the dumbest among conservatives thought.

Speaking about healthcare — a topic he often confuses with life insurance — the Donald stood in front of a bunch of human props and complained:

For the past 17 years, Obamacare has wreaked havoc on the lives on innocent, hard-working Americans…

No, seriously. He actually said that — and Mike Pence looks like he just ate a fart after hearing it:

Not to worry, though. MSNBC was quick to fact check this claim that the Affordable Care Act, nicknamed “Obamacare” by detractors when it was passed under President Obama, became law under President Bill Clinton.

Why did this need to be fact checked? Because our “so-called President” really is the dumbest motherf*cker alive.

Naturally, Trump blew up Twitter with this new information that President Clinton signed “Obamcare” into law before the first debate on the issue happened:

At this point, it’s fair to ask: Is there anything he won’t blame on the Clintons?

To be fair, he later says that “seven years ago, a small group of politicians…engineered a government takeover of healthcare” years after he says Obamacare became law.

Can we please have some 25th Amendment action? Pretty please?

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