Trump’s America: White Supremacist Blogger Given Job As Federal Judge

The most controversial judicial nominee on President Trump’s list was just confirmed on Thursday in a U.S. Senate vote catastrophe.

Meet John Bush, a lawyer from Kentucky and an outspoken political blogger who bashes on gay rights and who believes that the Roe v. Wade decision was equally as deplorable as the Supreme Court’s 1857 pro-slavery decision.

This right-wing nutjob is now the newest judge on the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

John Bush has published over 400 articles in his career as a right-wing blogger. Under a fake pen name, he regularly cites conspiracy theories and fake news stories from alt-right media reports — including the ridiculous story that President Obama was born outside the U.S.

During his confirmation hearing, Bush attempted to downplay his destructive alt-right views as “political activity.” He openly made a pledge to separate his personal politics from his work as a judge on the courtroom bench.

The confirmation hearing final vote came in with 51-47, without Republican John McCain.

This is the fourth judicial nominee of Trump’s to win confirmation, with twenty-two pending nominations. There are far more judicial vacancies on the federal bench than usual, and Trump is actively seeking to fill the slots. The president is looking for judges who are conservative but also young and able to serve for a long time in an effort to permanently shift the judiciary over to conservative activists. At this rate, Trump will quickly erase the judicial nomination gains made by the Obama administration over his entire two terms.

Feature Image Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Image


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