Michelle Obama Went To A Birthday Party, So Conservatives Called Her ‘Ghetto Trash’ (SCREENSHOTS)

Michelle Obama really did it this time. The former First Lady managed to infuriate conservatives by doing some so terrible that they were forced to use words like “ghetto” and “trash” and “ape” to describe her (you know, their go-to language whenever a person with skin darker than a piece of classroom chalk is involved).

What did she do that was so terrible? She went to Beyonce’s birthday party…last year.

So, what set them off about this now? Video surfaced of her having fun, of course.

Naturally, this was so horrible that the Reich — err, Right — flocked to Facebook to share what could be loosely called their “thoughts” (they are, of course, incapable of actual thought) about this perfectly harmless video of the First Lady having a bit of fun.

Racist attacks  on the Obamas has become something of a sport with conservatives. Recently, Malia Obama celebrated her 19th birthday — a joyous occasion for her, a reason to let the Confederate flags fly for “them.”

Unfortunately, this is what we have come to expect of our frenemies on the Right — horrible racism and an inability to engage in civil discussion about anything at all.

Featured image via screengrab

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