Kellyanne Conway’s Meltdown Over Russia Is So Stupid You Have To See It To Believe It (VIDEO)

One has to wonder how much longer Kellyanne Conway can keep lying for Donald Trump, because she is very clearly losing it.

On Sunday, Kellyanne Conway clashed with CNN’s Brian Stelter over a number of issues — most notably “the Russia nonsense” as she called it during perhaps her most insane interview yet.

About seven minutes in, Stelter attempted to explain to the unbelievably vapid Conway why the “Russia Russia Russia” story is news despite her and Donald Trump calling it a hoax.

“Because journalists love America and America was attacked last year and America’s probably going to be attacked again next year around the midterms, and you call it a hoax,” Stetler said.

“And that has what to do with our campaign that I managed? I managed that winning campaign,” Conway demanded. “It has what to do with that campaign?”

“That may be because by the time you became campaign manager, the deal was already in, the conversations were already had. We don’t know, Kellyanne, but shouldn’t we find out?” Stelter replied.

“Are you actually alleging there was active conversations with Russians trying to change the election results?” Conway raved. “Because very few people are saying that. Are you saying that or just trying to put it out there because you guys are so invested? What is there? What constitutional crisis are we facing right now?”

“I’ll leave that to [CNN’s] Jeffrey Toobin and the law expert” Stelter said, demanding to know why Trump doesn’t want answers as much as the rest of Americans.

“Isn’t Mr. Mueller and his band of democratic donors trying to do that?” Conway shot back, adding that Americans would rather hear about Trump’s propaganda than the “unequal coverage on Russia.”

Watch the interview below:

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