Carrier Employee Speaks Out On Trump: ‘He Blew Smoke Up Our A**es’

At a rally last year, Donald Trump said there was a “100 percent chance” he would save the jobs at Carrier, the heating and air-conditioning manufacturer. The deal wasn’t a very good one because Indiana taxpayers will shoulder some of the costs of Trump’s unfortunate attempt to promote himself. At the same Carrier factory where Trump boasted of having crafted the deal to save jobs, it has begun laying off workers. 338 employees were just laid off. One female employee did an interview with The New Yorker and she didn’t hold back.

Brenda Darlene Battle, 55, worked at the Carrier Corporation for the past 25 years.

“Trump came in there to the factory last December and blew smoke up our asses,” Battle told The New Yorker. “He wasn’t gonna save those jobs. And, if that’s the case, he would have saved us and Rexnord, a company around the corner from us that makes parts.”

She said that Trump supporters at the factory have gone quiet since the layoffs began.

“We had a mix of Trump supporters and Clinton supporters at the factory, I’d say. The ones that really supported him are quiet right now,” she said. “Some of them got let go yesterday, too.”

She said that “some of them wore the hats. Not anymore, though,” in reference to the red ‘Make America Great Again’ hats.

“Personally, I think the President is a ‘rubber room’ politician. He’s crazy. He needs a straitjacket. He’s in there for his self. He’s not in there to help America keep jobs. Because if he was we wouldn’t be in the predicament that we’re in every day,” she continued. “He keeps howling, ‘Make America great.’ But he can’t make America great if all the jobs are leaving the States and going to Mexico. People can’t support their families.”

As for Trump’s visit last December to Carrier, she said she thought it was all for show.

“I think the C.E.O. of Carrier and Trump was in bed together the whole time,” she said. “That day Trump came to Carrier, those two were too chummy. The way they sniggled and giggled. That sneaky kind of sh*t-eating grin.”

As for Ms. Battle’s plans now, she said she’s “going to be taking it very easy for a few months and do some of the things that my dad wants to do.”

She added that her 77-year-old father thinks “Trump blew smoke up our asses, too.

The layoffs must really sting for the Trump supporting Carrier employees during ‘Made in America’ week.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images.

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