Trump Campaign’s Old Tweet Comes Back To Bite Donald In The A** And It Is PERFECT

Taking Donald Trump’s erratic, unpredictable behavior into full consideration, it’s safe to say that almost nothing is certain in his presidency besides his talent for humiliating the United States and incriminating himself with the help of his equally corrupt inner circle.

While it’s mildly entertaining (and depressing) to watch Trump melt down as his Russia scandal closes in on him, it’s even more fun to see gems from the past come back to bite him in the a**.

This morning, Trump had one of his Twitter tantrums, where he trashed former FBI Director James Comey. That should come as no surprise, because Trump has spent the last several months insulting the FBI and intelligence agencies because he’s bitter about the Russian scandal. So it’s pretty hilarious that this tweet, straight from the Trump campaign, has resurfaced:

That’s right – then-Trump surrogate Sarah Huckabee Sanders – who has just been promoted to White House Press Secretary due to Sean Spicer’s resignation – previously trashed the very “losing” behavior that Trump has been doing for months now. Sanders had posted this in November (right before the election) in response to speculation that a few FBI agents were playing politics.

We would honestly love to see Trump defend his behavior now. He’s spent so much time trashing federal investigators and firing everyone who might be a threat to him in the Russia investigation, it’s pretty much impossible to believe he could be innocent after all this.

Trump not only fired Comey, but he has attacked the ex-FBI Director, referring to him as a “nut job” who is “not a smart guy.” Now he’s threatening to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller if Mueller investigates his finances and businesses. And unfortunately, Sanders has taken a similar attitude now that she is closer to Trump. Completely forgetting about her tweet from November, she more recently stated that Comey is guilty of “atrocities.”

Whether she stands by it today or not, Sanders’ tweet is telling in its exposure of an administration with no integrity. Trump’s attacks on these prosecutors are merely a sign that he will keep losing.

Featured image via Alex Wong / Getty Images

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