Republicans Are Admitting They’re Fine With Treason As Long As They Win

This brings party before country to a whole new level. Republicans are admitting they are fine with treason, as long as they achieve their political goals.

That was the message Ann Coulter delivered on her Twitter feed on Friday night.

In fact, Republicans have been demonstrating all year that they don’t really care what Donald Trump does as long as they get what they want. So as Trump once said, he could literally murder someone right now in broad daylight and Republicans wouldn’t lift a finger to do something about it.

What’s even scarier is that conservatives like Coulter are also perfectly fine with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin being put in a position of power in the United States government. Of course, we all already know that Putin has power over the government from the outside. Trump is his puppet and he’s pulling the strings from Moscow.

Coulter goes even further by claiming that Trump is “better” than Ronald Reagan. Keep in mind that Reagan would never have colluded with Russia to win an election. He certainly would not have allowed Russia to dictate what he does as president. Reagan is rolling in his grave right now because of what Trump has done and is doing.

As the evidence continues to stack up against Trump, Republicans are just letting him get away with ignoring the Constitution and flouting the law. He has repeatedly lied to the American people, repeatedly obstructed justice, and is using the White House to enrich himself and his family. And they are willing to let him burn down our democracy and humiliate our nation as long as it means they get to enact their political agenda and remain in power.

The fact that conservatives like Coulter actually want Putin to be vice-president should scare the hell out of every American, especially those who constantly claim to be “patriots.”

Featured image via Steffen Kugler/BPA/Getty Images

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