WATCH: Kellyanne Conway SMEARS Investigators To Give Trump An Excuse To Fire Them

As Donald Trump’s legal team tries to dig up leverage to use against investigators and researches his pardon power, Kellyanne Conway is busy smearing anyone who is involved in the investigation.

The Russia investigation has been heating up in recent days as more information continues to be revealed about Trump Jr’s secret meeting with Russians and special prosecutor Robert Mueller and his team start looking at Trump’s family finances, which will likely reveal all of Trump shady connections and dealings with Russian oligarchs.

Obviously, Trump is very nervous about Mueller’s investigation. He even warned Mueller not to look at his business dealings, which basically gave Mueller a reason to look there.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends on Friday, Conway began laying the groundwork for Trump to have an excuse to fire Mueller and derail the investigation against him.

She began by whining about how taxpayers are funding the investigation, which is hypocritical considering Republicans wasted millions of taxpayer dollars investigation Benghazi, a real witch hunt that lasted longer than even the 9/11 investigation.

“Where is this going?” Conway whined. “Are Americans comfortable with that, with the taxpayers funding this with this going off of all types of chutes and ladders?”

Then she accused Mueller and his team of being Democrats and Hillary Clinton partisans.

“Not only did these Democrat, presumably, lawyers donate a lot of money to the left side of the political aisle, one of them actually was a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation,” Conway said.

Of course, Trump ass-kisser Steve Doocy jumped in to claim that there are all sorts of conflicts of interest and that members of Mueller’s team should be forced to resign.

Conway then launched a rant about how the “swamp” is out to get Trump and stop him from bringing “transparency” and “accountability” to Washington even though Trump has never been transparent and has never held himself accountable for anything he has ever said or done.

“Steve, here’s the relevance of that — people should at least know it. Donald Trump went to Washington to disrupt and expose the system, just to blow that secret door off of its hinges and have more accountability and transparency in a system that thrives on the opposite. So the same applies here. Let’s at least, you know, you’re saying put on pressure — let’s have a disinfectant, let’s at least let the transparency and accountability speak for itself. It’s relevant that people know what the motivations are, and that is not an attack on the team. That is what’s fair is fair.”


She then went on to accuse top Democratic members of the House and Senate investigations of spending more time on television than in hearings.

Here’s the video via Fox News.

If Donald Trump fires Mueller he would be obstructing an investigation and telling the world that he has something to hide that he doesn’t want investigators to find. He would basically be admitting that he’s guilty. Of course, if Trump truly believed in accountability and transparency, he would admit that his campaign colluded with Russia and resign immediately.

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