Trump’s Legal Team In Uproar After He Forces Them To Attack Robert Mueller

Donald Trump’s inner circle is shattering as we speak. Not only has White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned, but not even Trump’s legal team is happy with him. And if there’s one group of people Trump shouldn’t want to p*ss off right now, it’s his lawyers. Unfortunately, Trump isn’t very smart.

The New York Times has just confirmed that Trump’s legal team is up in arms over the fact that Trump wants to go after special counsel Robert Mueller. In an interview with MSNBC, Times reporter Peter Baker stated that Trump’s legal team was actually trying to convince Trump to leave Mueller the hell alone, as he’s highly respected among Democrats and Republicans. MSNBC Nicole Wallace asked:

“I know nothing is sacred with this man, but do you sense anyone around him is trying to pump the brakes on the character assassination of Bob Mueller?”

Baker revealed that some of Trump’s legal advisers have already walked out on him due to Trump’s attack on Mueller. Baker said:

“People around him definitely are. This is, in fact, connected to the other thing you were talking about, the sort of blowup of the legal team. some of the lawyers told him don’t go after Robert Mueller. First of all, this guy is a good guy, he is a smart guy, a person of integrity.”

“In fact, some of the lawyers have said to the president, in effect, if you didn’t do anything wrong and we think you don’t have anything to worry about in terms of the Russia investigation, then you should want Robert Mueller at your special counsel, because if he finds that, if that’s his conclusion, it will have credibility on both sides of the aisle, so don’t do that.”

And this could cost Trump far more than his lawyers. Baker remarked that Mark Corallo had already resigned from his position as spokesman and communications strategist for Trump’s legal team due to Trump. Baker said:

“He thought that Robert Mueller was a person of integrity and that they shouldn’t be attacking him. So this is a point of stress within the Trump team.”

You can watch the interview below:

Clearly, no one can destroy the Trump administration better than the POTUS himself.

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