2nd Major Trump Team Shakeup In A Single Day; Trump’s Top Lawyer Resigns

It’s been a rough day in the Donald Trump White House. After a mostly incoherent interview published in the New York Times, and after a revelation that Trump is going around asking if he could pardon his family and even himself, rats have begun abandoning the sinking ship.

It started early on Friday morning, when Trump’s beleaguered Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, announced his resignation because he objected to his new boss, Anthony Scaramucci. The shakeup had only begun. By the afternoon, Trump’s personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz, also resigned after being demoted from heading the Russia defense and after, in the New York Times interview, Trump threatened special counsel Robert Mueller against going after Trump family finances.

In an interview with MSNBC, Times reporter Peter Baker said this about Trump’s legal team:

“People around him definitely are. This is, in fact, connected to the other thing you were talking about, the sort of blowup of the legal team. some of the lawyers told him don’t go after Robert Mueller. First of all, this guy is a good guy, he is a smart guy, a person of integrity.”

“In fact, some of the lawyers have said to the president, in effect, if you didn’t do anything wrong and we think you don’t have anything to worry about in terms of the Russia investigation, then you should want Robert Mueller at your special counsel, because if he finds that, if that’s his conclusion, it will have credibility on both sides of the aisle, so don’t do that.”

Baker was proven right on Friday when Kasowitz left the team after it was announced that Ty Cobb would be heading the defense.

This also points to a change in legal strategy, and that means that Mueller, if not outright fired, will be in the crosshairs. The goal will be to dig up any bit of dirt and any perceived conflict of interest to discredit him. All of that points to just one thing — guilt. If Trump, his family and his associates were innocent, they would, as his legal team said, welcome the investigation and discrediting Mueller would only put a cloud over any sort of exoneration. Now there’s no question. We can be sure now that there won’t be an exoneration.

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