Trump Fans Scream That John McCain Should Die Because They’re All Terrible People (TWEETS)

Reaching an almost all-time low even by their own standards, Trump supporters have taken to Twitter to bash John McCain in the wake of the Republican Arizona Senator’s announcement that he has a brain tumor.

The 80-year-old senator’s office made the announcement on Wednesday after doctors at the Mayo Clinic diagnosed an aggressive tumor called a glioblastoma following surgery to remove a blood clot above McCain’s left eye last week. McCain has been away from the Senate this week as he recovers from the surgery and it is still unclear if or when he will return as he and his family weigh up treatment options, including chemotherapy and radiation.

Former President Barack Obama took to Twitter earlier to send a powerful and heartfelt message to his opponent in the 2008 presidential election, despite the fact that McCain was a relentless critic of Obama’s. Even President Trump came across as humble and respectful in his tweet regarding the Senator’s health:

Trump has been critical of McCain since his 2008 election defeat at the hands of Obama, stating “I never liked him after that, because I don’t like losers.” He also brought into question McCain’s status as a war hero. “He’s not a war hero,” Trump said. “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

Today, however, President Trump finally took the high road and put all of that behind him, but that doesn’t mean that his very own supporters took the same approach to the unfortunate news of McCain’s latest health setback. Instead, they flocked to Twitter to both celebrate and undermine anybody wishing the Senator well with some even referring to the story as “fake news”:

And that is just scratching the surface. Disliking and not agreeing with a person or their policies is one thing, but reveling in the news that that person faces an excruciatingly painful demise is just a special kind of awful.

Featured imaged via Win McNamee/Getty Images