Trump Throws Colossal Tantrum After America Finds Out About Secret Meeting With Putin (TWEETS)

Donald Trump has been exposed once again, and he’s having a full blown meltdown because of it.

Apparently, meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin for several hours during the G-20 summit wasn’t enough, because it’s just been discovered that Trump and Putin had another secret meeting, which the Trump administration did not disclose to the public.

Once the media reported the secret meeting (which was later confirmed by the White House), Trump went into one of his Twitter tantrums and cried “fake news”. Trump claimed that other world leaders had been invited and that the media had been well aware of the meeting.

Trump apparently still doesn’t understand that now that he’s President of the United States, nothing in his life is private anymore. The president and his administration are expected to be transparent with the American people, and they’ve truly incriminated themselves by failing to disclose this meeting. We can all assume that if this news hadn’t come out, the Trump administration never would have disclosed it.

Trump obviously doesn’t think that having (and then hiding) a private meeting with the foreign leader who meddled in his country’s election looks shady. It’s hilarious that Trump referred to these reports as “fake news”, only to have his own administration confirm that the meeting took place. Even Trump himself confirmed it in his tweets by talking about the other people that joined him and Putin!

As Trump’s meltdown over his Russia meeting continues, his focus and attention on negotiating a health care bill with Senate Republicans will be greatly compromised. This is a great example of why Trump hasn’t been able to get anything done after several months of being in the White House. It also proves that the more Trump denies something, the more it’s likely to be true!

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