In White House Conference Call About Iran, Staffers Talked About Blowup Dolls

The contrast between the Obama White House and the Trump White House seems to grow more and more stark every single day. While you’d struggle to find a real scandal during President Obama’s entire two terms, it would be nearly impossible to count the number of scandals currently plaguing the Trump
White House.

More than that, though, it seems that the staff has given up trying to be professional. During a conference call on Monday, about one of the most pressing issues in international relations, Iran, staffers were heard in the background chatting about things like lesbian blowup dolls. I kid you not.

Two reporters, Tara McKelvey of the BBC and Jackie Alemany of CBS both tweeted about the background chatter.

This may be the first time Trump staffers were caught talking about sex dolls, but it’s not the first time they were caught not taking advantage of the mute button. A conference call on the budget in May was described this way:

As Mulvaney attempted to answer questions, open phone lines featuring a crying baby, an intermittent hacking cough, and patriotic hold-music quickly drowned him out. Some reporters eventually unmuted their phones, revolting with laughter and exclamations of disbelief over the line.

“There has to be a better system, “a reporter on the call complained over the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Source: CBS News

Trump has been at this for six months now. He brands himself as a great leader and he is extremely critical of the appearances of others (if not his own). The out of control conference calls are an easy thing to fix, yet his staff refuses. That’s not leadership. That’s chaos, which, if you think about it, is the perfect metaphor for everything Trump.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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