Donald Trump Is Clearly Panicking; Avoiding The People Who Voted For Him

Donald Trump’s presidency is spiraling out of control and Dear Leader appears to be holed up in the White House, avoiding even the people who still support him.

Immediately following his return from the G20 summit in Europe this month, even his daily schedule went completely blank as he retreated behind the walls of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Trump has at least added some daily events to his schedule in recent days, but he’s not venturing outside.

It was Vice President Mike Pence — not Trump — who left the White House Tuesday and spoke publicly and at length about the Republicans’ health care bill in the wake of its Senate collapse, not Trump. Unlike Trump, Pence has been maintaining a very public profile in recent days.

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In the last month, when Trump wasn’t leaving the country, pretty much the only reason he left the White House was to go play golf or to watch golf, which he did on June 24, 25, and 30, as well as July 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 14, 15, and 16. Outside of playing golf or promoting his own business properties, however, Trump is clearly in hiding.

To be fair, Trump isn’t completely MIA. He did a photo op in a firetruck (just like a big boy) on Monday and he’s spent a lot of time on his golf course. But when it comes to using his legendary (in his own mind) negotiating skills to help save the repeal and replacement of Obamacare (one of his top campaign promises), the Deal Artist offered little to nothing.

While this is pretty much unprecedented, it signals something major is happening within the White House. Since taking office, he’s soothed his fragile ego by holding campaign style rallies in front of fawning fans. The last one he held, which was his last state-side public appearance, was nearly a month ago. While the fans still exist, Trump is even avoiding them. Instead, he’s presumably seeking comfort in Kentucky Fried Chicken and chocolate cake in front of an increasingly incredulous Fox News.

This isn’t particularly surprising. Trump has a difficult time in situations that don’t offer him adulation. He refuses to make a state visit to the UK until Prime Minister Theresa May can guarantee the nearly universally despised America leader a warm reception.

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