Fox Host Goes After ‘Soulless’ Hillary Clinton, Chelsea’s Response Is PRICELESS (TWEET)

Now that Donald Trump’s Russia scandal has been blown wide open and more incriminating evidence is surfacing by the day, Fox News is more desperate than ever to find ways to save Trump’s reputation. Last night, the untrustworthy conservative network delivered a low blow to Trump’s 2016 election opponent, Hillary Clinton, because they literally couldn’t think of anything else.

On The Five, co-host Lisa Boothe said something absolutely cruel and insane about Clinton, proving that the bar can always be lowered when it comes to the Republican Party. Boothe, who was filling in for Kimberly Guilfoyle, tried to say that Clinton was so obsessed with becoming president that she would actually sell her daughter Chelsea to achieve it. Seriously, it doesn’t get much more heartless than that.

Boothe took this dig at Clinton during a discussion about Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with a Russian lawyer. To defend Trump and his corrupt inner circle, Boothe tried to turn the conversation to the Clinton campaign, specifically campaign manager Robby Mook. Boothe said:

“We’ve also seen so much self-righteous indignation to people that have no business being self-righteous. I absolutely love the fact that Robby Mook is talking about this.”

Boothe then stated that Clinton and her allies had no business being the “voices of authority on morality” (which is ironic considering the amount of trouble Trump is in). She said:

“He literally worked for the most soulless person on this planet who would literally sell her daughter to be president. If she could sell her only child to be president. I mean, that’s how much she wants it.”

This clip was shared on Twitter by Yashar Ali this morning, where many Americans saw it and were disgusted – especially Chelsea Clinton. Chelsea fired back with a message of her own, tearing Fox News a new one in defense of her mother:

It was the perfect response to a completely idiotic comment. Just like her mother, Chelsea can always find the perfect way to shut pro-Trump morons down.

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