Homophobic Kansas Lawmaker Gleefully Harasses LGBTQ Students And Boasts About It

We all know that the GOP is the party of anti-LGBTQ theocrats. However, we usually don’t expect lawmakers of either party to openly harass citizens and then go on to boast of what they have done without shame. That is, however, exactly what State Rep. Francis Awerkamp (R-KS) did when a group of LGBTQ students, escorted by educators, visited the state capitol.

Awerkamp promptly posted what he had done to Facebook, burying his repugnant actions in a post disguised as a “legislative update.” This was quickly done after he encountered the group at the capitol, in which he detailed a shocking display of open and unabashed bigotry and harassment. In the newsletter, the bigoted lawmaker said:

“I explained my clear position that ‘a man is a man, a woman is a woman, and marriage is between a man and a woman, and this is a reality that we can not change.’ The teachers, one of whom was a man wearing a skirt ‘identifying’ as a woman, quickly led the students away.”

By the way the ‘man in a skirt’ he mentioned was not transgender at all. She is a cisgender woman. Due to the horrific nature of what has happened, Tom Witt, Director of Equality Kansas, has gotten involved. He said that there was only one transgender teacher on the outing, and she was not dressed in a skirt. Either way, it should not matter. Witt went on to rightly blast Awerkamp’s confrontational remarks as “beyond offensive and demeaning.”

The crazy man who likes to call himself a lawmaker also said he was “surprised” by the visit, and lamented the false idea that public funds are somehow being used to push a “homosexual agenda.”

Newsflash, dude – people visit their state capitols all the time. It’s the people’s house. Not yours. You work for your constituents, not the other way around.

The fact that this man is sitting in government is nothing short of appalling. The Kansas State Legislature should censure him immediately. Given that it is controlled by Republicans, though, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

Featured image via screen capture from CJ Online

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