Chuck Todd Goes Off On Trump, Says What Every American Is Thinking Right Now (VIDEO)

It’s only been a few days since Donald Trump as been back from his second international tour, but America is already sick of him. Over the past week or so, Trump and his corrupt inner circle have been in the news nonstop for their unethical behavior revolving around Russia.

If America is sick of reading about it, reporters must be sick of talking about it – and this was evident when Chuck Todd went off on Trump on Friday during MTP Daily. Todd did not hold back as unleashed an attack for several minutes, brutally mocking the Trump administration for the never-ending avalanche of bad news surrounding Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer. Blasting the White House for trying to hide parts of the story, Todd said:

“Their responses this week have proven to be incomplete at best and untrue at worst.”

Todd was referring to a breaking report by NBC news, in which an additional unknown person — former Soviet counterintelligence officer Ranit Akhmetshin, was found to also have been in attendance during the now infamous meeting with the Russian lawyer. To make his point even more powerful, Todd ran several clips from the past few days that blatantly showed White House officials lying and denying that they were hiding any information. It was a brilliant segment, and Todd perfectly showed America why Trump and his minions cannot be trusted. In conclusion, Todd said:

“Folks, this week has been a giant PR, political, and possibly legal disaster for this administration.”

You can watch Todd slam Trump and his administration below:

We could not have said it any better ourselves.

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