Racist Chicago Cop Who Beat A Handcuffed Black Woman Found With Trove Of Slur-Filled Websites

Chicago Police Sergeant George Granias’ abuse of a black woman he arrested and falsely accused of driving drunk has a very disturbing internet habit. During an investigation into his December 2013 arrest and subsequent beating of Patassa Johnson, URL’s with names like “n**gadown.com” and “n***gaguns.com” were discovered owned by Granias. There were also violent URL’s like “murdertech.com.” The websites were discovered with a simple internet search of Granias by Johnson’s lawyer, Brenden Shiller.

According to the Daily Beast, Johnson is expected to get $185,000 from the City of Chicago. The driving under the influence charge was dropped. The lawsuit says that Johnson suffered an unbelievably harrowing experience at the hands of this racist cop:

The officer cuffed her in the back of a squad car and drove her to a police station, where “Granias grabbed [Johnson] from the back of the car,” and roughly escorted her into the station, according to a lawsuit Johnson filed against the city in 2015. “Inside the station, Defendant Granias beat [Johnson] while [Johnson] was in hand-cuffs.”

Brenden Shiller says of discovering the racist websites that were registered to Grainias – some as recently as 2013:

“We came across that URL and said what the hell is this?”

“He made it live and accessible to the public. You can create a website, but Google wouldn’t know about it unless you make it live and accessible.”

In addition to the racist websites, Granias has three other disciplinary remarks on his police record, all of them related to abuses of power. Nevertheless, he remains in this position of great power at the Chicago Police Department as we speak. Further, I’d be willing to bet that for every mark on that record, there are ten incidents that he covered up.

This is clearly a man who has issues with violence and is most definitely a racist. The Chicago Police Department should have fired him immediately and made it clear to any other departments that Granias might apply to that he is unfit for duty.

This is the kind of negligence that gets people killed. Hopefully, this guy is brought up on charges for what he did to this poor woman, but I won’t hold my breath on that one.

Watch a local news report on this case below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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