#BringBackObama Hashtag Blows Up On Twitter As Americans Share Memories (TWEETS)

The six months since President Donald Trump was inaugurated have been somewhat of an adventure, albeit not a particularly enjoyable one for most of us, so in the wake of Trump’s latest turmoils involving himself, his son, and Russia, many took to Twitter on Wednesday while feeling more than just a little nostalgic, as the hashtag #BringBackObama started trending.

Barack Obama supporters flocked to Twitter yesterday to share memories of a relatively more stable time in American history, posting photos and generally just yearning for a time now past, when the 44th President of the United States of America was still in power. “Forget 44.5, I’ll keep 44 until we get a real 45,” wrote @BerryMistyckle. “My children came of age with a brilliant, courageous, soulful, decent president,” was contributed by @RavMABAY among many other tweets fondly reminiscing the days of the former leader of the free world.

However, it wasn’t all just praise and positive memories that were being shared, as there were plenty of Obama critics that wanted their voices heard, or at least their tweets read, too, slyly slipping the #BringBackObama hashtag into their tweets to attack the former President.

The Twitter debate erupted and raged on in the aftermath of Donald Trump Jr. releasing emails in which he accepted an offer to meet with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have damning information on Hillary Clinton, his father’s opponent in the presidential race, as well as being told the Russian government backed Trump Sr’s presidential candidacy.

It is still unknown whether the President’s son released all of the email contact he had with Russia, later published in the New York Times, but it definitely contradicts the months of denial of any dealings with the Russian government that has been coming out of the Trump camp — a story they’ve described as a “witch hunt.”

Barack Obama recently criticized the “absence of American leadership” shown under the Trump administration in a speech he delivered in Berlin in June. While current Gallup polls show that the majority of Americans agree with him, there are still many that are critical of Obama’s eight years in office.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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