Trump Jr.’s Accomplice That Set Up Russian Meeting Checked In For It On Facebook (TWEETS)

If you haven’t heard, Donald Trump Jr. recently tweeted out emails between himself and Rob Goldstone, a right-wing opposition researcher who was acting as an intermediary between a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer who promised harmful information about Hillary Clinton.

Goldstone arranged a meeting between “Russian government attorney” Natalia Veselnitskaya and Trump Jr. at Trump Tower on June 9 of last year where he would receive the information as part of “Russia and its government’s support” of the Trump campaign.

The meeting was attended by Veselnitskaya , Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. Apparently, Goldstone was there too because he checked in on Facebook at Trump Tower for the meeting:

He was also there in February, though the reason is yet unknown.

Interestingly, Goldstone celebrated Trump’s election by posting this picture to Instagram:

Just for fun, here are a couple more photos of him that people have found showing him to be a truly stand-up individual:

Just in case The Donald tries to weasel out of this by saying that he has never personally met Goldstone or Veselnitskaya, here’s a photo of that happening:

One thing to note that that, according to Goldstone’s timeline, the meeting happened at around 4 PM. At 4:40 PM, Trump tweeted about Hillary’s emails.

Let’s be clear here: Trump Jr. knew the information he would receive was coming from a hostile dictatorship. He was told that it was part of the Russian government’s backing of his father. He went anyway.

Trump Jr. recently hired a criminal defense lawyer.

Featured image via Instagram