Donald Trump Finally Put ‘Make America Great Again’ To Song And It’s Gross

After last week’s G-20 meeting, where Donald Trump was more pariah than world leader, he tweeted a video compilation from the meeting. The amateurish editing isn’t even the story, though. It was all set to the most gawdawful, dictatorial sounding music you’ve ever heard.

The video shows several brief clips of a sour-faced Trump during the G-20 and the soundtrack was a group singing “Make America Great Again” in a way that would make most high school choir directors cringe. Hell, it should make most Americans cringe. Kim Jong-Un might be taking notes.

The music was performed by the First Baptist Church of Dallas, and among some other random patriotic sounding BS, the words “Make America Great Again” is repeated ad nauseam (and you will feel nauseated), no less than nine times. The creep factor didn’t get by Twitter.

Of course, Trump needs all the media coverage he can get right now, whether it’s positive or not — as long as it’s not about Russia.

Featured image via Pool/Getty Images.

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