Trump Jr.’s Latest Move Proves That Russia Investigation Is Closing In On Trump (DETAILS)

Proving that the biggest obstacle to his presidency is always going to be himself and his equally incompetent team and family, Donald Trump’s Russia investigation has been blown wide open thanks to his idiot son, Donald Trump Jr.

Unlike his brother, Eric, Trump Jr. takes after his father in having an equally offensive Twitter habit. Recently, Trump Jr. admitted that he’d met with a Russian lawyer during his father’s presidential campaign, putting him at the center of Trump’s latest Russia controversy.

Following the backlash and political consequences, Trump Jr. has now gotten himself a criminal defense lawyer, despite the fact that the Trump administration desperately tried to shrug his confession off as nothing. Trump Jr.’s latest move proves that it was anything but. According to Reuters:

“Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, has hired New York lawyer Alan Futerfas to represent him in connection with Russia-related investigations, the lawyer and Trump Jr.’s office said on Monday. Futerfas, a sole practitioner who specializes in criminal defense, would not say when he was retained or whether he had any input into the statements Trump Jr. made over the weekend about a meeting with a Russian lawyer.”

Just like with his father, legal experts are weighing in on what might happen to Trump Jr., and there are several who believe that Trump’s son might actually find himself behind bars for violating federal laws.

Trump Jr.’s moronic confession is just the tip of the iceberg as far as evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia. No one should ignore that Trump Jr.’s hiring of a criminal defense attorney is big news – because if Chelsea Clinton had done this, the GOP would scream and shout for Hillary’s impeachment.

Trump’s administration is busy 24/7 trying to fix the ever-growing Russia scandal. They can’t outrun it, as Trump and his inner circle continuously incriminate themselves. It is only a matter of time before this blows up in Trump’s face.

Featured image via John Sommers II / Getty Images

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