Trump Has Complete Meltdown And Attacks Chelsea Clinton In Defense Of His Nepotism At G-20

Donald Trump threw an early morning temper tantrum on Twitter again.

Last week, Trump let his daughter Ivanka take over for him at the G-20, giving her his seat at the conference table.

National outrage ensued because Ivanka is not an elected official, nor does she have any political or diplomatic experience. The incident also served as a reminder of the nepotism practiced in Trump’s White House.

On Monday morning, Trump lashed out and actually attacked Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea in defense of his irresponsible decision to let Ivanka take his place.

Someone should ask German Chancellor Angela Merkel about this, because it’s likely she’ll contradict Trump’s claim.

Of course, Bill Clinton never let Chelsea take his seat at the G-20, and President Obama certainly never let his daughter Malia take his seat at the G-20 either.

Both would have been criticized for it and Hillary would have been criticized for it as well, especially by conservatives, who would have thrown the mother of all hissy fits.

In fact, I don’t think a president has ever let their kids take over for them in such way, so despite what Trump claims, it is NOT “very standard.”

Trump’s effort to defend his bad decisions by bringing up what is very much now a hypothetical is pathetic. We’ll never know if Hillary would have done such a thing because she isn’t president. But Trump is, and that means his behavior is open for criticism.

Besides, Chelsea Clinton herself responded to Trump and made it clear that her parents would never have considered doing what Trump did.

And Twitter users responded by blasting Trump to smithereens.

Featured Image: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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