Fox News Gives The Most Cringeworthy Reason Why Ivanka Deserved To Sit In At G20 (VIDEO)

Donald Trump and his favorite daughter, Ivanka, are still getting a lot of heat for the stunt they pulled at the G20 summit in Germany last week. The entire world was shocked when Trump stepped out of the G20 meeting and Ivanka took his seat and sat in for him at the leader’s table – a move that earned Trump and his administration a massive amount of criticism and outrage.

While most of the country was disgusted that Ivanka, who was not elected or qualified, was allowed to sit next to the attending world leaders, Trump and his daughter found refuge on Fox News’ Outnumbered, who passionately defended their favorite dictator and his daughter. Ignoring the fact that this was highly inappropriate, Fox News’ Jason Chaffetz and the rest of the Outnumbered panelists were more than happy to defend it. Chaffetz said:

“Ivanka Trump, she is part of the administration. She does have her father’s ear. She can actually get things done. and they were talking about a topic in which she’s personally engaged. I think it was wholly appropriate.”

If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, the segment was made far worse by Harris Faulkner, who actually said that Ivanka was qualified to be at the G20 meeting because her products were “hot online.” Faulkner said:

“It must be so frustrating for Democrats not to have any low hanging fruit. They’re grasping now. They’re really grasping. She is there in a capacity of someone who has run a very successful corporation and her items are selling by the way, hot online.”

It really does not get any dumber than that — especially considering that Ivanka’s brand has seen a major decline since her father’s presidential campaign and failing presidency ruined the family’s name and reputation. Fox News has been known to shamelessly promote Trump and his family, but this is just embarrassing.

You can watch Fox News defend Trump and Ivanka below:

Featured image via Sean Gallup / Getty Images

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