Trump Was Just Busted For Daydreaming At G20 Meeting, This Is Beyond Humiliating (VIDEO)

The last time Donald Trump went overseas, it was clear that he didn’t have the physical or mental stamina to carry out his presidential duties at the level they needed to be performed at. It was widely reported that by just the third day of his trip, Trump was utterly exhausted. Now that Trump is on his second international tour, it seems he’s having the same exact issue and his lack of competency is humiliating America in the process.

On Friday, Trump made the United States look like a joke once again, when he was caught daydreaming  at a roundtable meeting at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. While every other world leader was alert and paying attention to the fact that they were posing to take a photograph, Trump was clearly in his own world and didn’t even know what the hell was going on as he kept himself turned the opposite way. If it weren’t for British Prime Minister Theresa May having the decency to wake him up out of his little fantasy land, Trump would have taken the photo with his back turned to the camera – perhaps the perfect symbolic gesture for how he turns his back on America (and the world).

You can watch this cringeworthy moment play out below:

It is insanity that the Republican Party has elected a man who doesn’t even have the attention span – or the intelligence – to perform the role of being POTUS. Trump consistently zones out during important meetings and clearly doesn’t have it all together. He is someone who cannot and should not be trusted with the important decisions he has to make, and his complete lack of focus continues to be a danger to our country’s future. More than ever, we must question whether or not Trump is really fit to be president – and there was far more evidence pointing to his necessary and immediate removal.

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