Trump’s Team Is So Incompetent They Couldn’t Even Book A Hotel Room For G20 Summit

Donald Trump promised to surround himself with the “best” people, but his team couldn’t even manage to book him a hotel room for the G20 summit and they ended up having to beg the City of Hamburg to put him up for the night in government owned housing.

Buzzfeed News reports:

White House officials apparently waited too long to book accommodations for President Trump, leaving him without a hotel in Hamburg, Germany, as world leaders converge for the G20 summit. […]

The Hamburger Abendblatt, a local news outlet, reported that the US government wanted to accommodate Trump in the Four Seasons, but it was already booked. In fact, it turns out that every luxury hotel in Hamburg was reportedly booked by the time the Americans called, leaving Trump, who is associated with an empire of hotel properties, scrambling for a place to stay.

The summit was scheduled in February 2016, but his team apparently forgot to book a room. By the time they thought about it, they were screwed. At one point, having run out of options, “there were even rumors Trump might have to sleep in Berlin and have to fly to Hamburg via helicopter.”

Luckily for Trump and his incompetent staff, the City of Hamburg came to his rescue and decided to put him up for the night in the Senate guest house. So far, no one has revealed if the city is expecting payment for Trump’s last minute accommodations.

The world leaders attending the G20 summit, along with their staff and security details, take up an estimated 9,000 hotel rooms. It’s the kind of thing you have to plan in advance. Trump probably thought that hotels would be scrambling to accommodate him because he is just ever so important, but he got a rude awakening and found out that he isn’t nearly as important as he thinks he is. If these people can’t even manage to book a hotel room, how the hell can we expect them to lead the country?

Featured image via Jens Schluter – Pool/Getty Images