Republican Senator Chokes, Mocks Trump In Brutal Response To Health Care Failure (DETAILS)

On Wednesday, Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) gave a shockingly honest response to why the Senate’s long-awaited health care plan is being held back for so long.

As Republicans are definitely feeling the pressure to release a superior health care plan to Obamacare (especially because they whined about how horrible the Affordable Care Act was for years), they continue to come up empty-handed and America is wondering what the hell is taking them so long to prepare what they should have been thinking about the entire time Obama was in office.

Toomey gave an interesting reason for the delay at a town hall, practically blaming it on the fact that no one in the Republican Party actually had any faith that Trump would win, and therefore didn’t bother taking their Obamacare replacement seriously. In a confession that would make Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan go into hiding, Toomey admitted:

“I didn’t expect Donald Trump to win. I think most of my colleagues didn’t. So we didn’t expect to be in this situation.”

Trump himself hasn’t made this easy for the GOP, as he continues to change his mind about the bill. Not long after he praised the House’s version of the bill during a ceremony, he called the plan “mean.”

Toomey also spent time during the town hall criticizing Trump for his attacks on the media, particularly MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosts. Toomey said:

“Every President has had tension with the press. I think it’s best to ignore it.”

Toomey made it perfectly clear that he’s not really a fan of Trump’s, and it might have been wishful thinking on his part that Trump wouldn’t get elected and we would instead be calling Hillary Clinton “POTUS.” After watching Trump’s performance for the last six months, Toomey could only give Trump a grade of incomplete. Toomey said:

“My assessment is it’s mixed.”

Something tells us a lot of Republicans would agree.

Featured image via Pool/Getty Images