Watch Confused Trump Wander Aimlessly Away From Limo (VIDEO)

Amid news of the Russian scandal and Congress’ dystopian agenda, one fact keeps staring the American people right in the eye and Republicans are choosing to ignore it. Donald Trump is mentally unfit to be President. There’s even a movement beginning in Congress that would invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution — to declare Trump mentally unfit — and remove him from office. A video of Trump wandering off of Air Force One and away from his limo won’t help his cause.

In the video, Trump is seen exiting the airplane, and despite the fact that the limo is adorned with American flags, and despite the fact that it’s parked right at the bottom of the steps he just descended, Trump wandered right by and his Secret Service agents had to wrangle the visibly confused 45 back.

Here’s the video:

Twitter users are genuinely concerned that this man is in charge of the country:

And then there was this:

Some noted other times Trump seemed disoriented:

Aside from giving the 25th Amendment people a little more ammo out of this, it does open one other possibility. Trump is a man of great, sometimes debilitating and self-destructive pride, which is why he’s so horrible at his current job. If videos like this keep surfacing, Trump may resign just to save himself the inevitable humiliation of mental deterioration. It’s also important to note that Trump’s father had Alzheimer’s.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images