EVERY State In America Just Turned On Trump, This Is A Major ‘F*ck You’ To POTUS (DETAILS)

From day one of Donald Trump’s failure of a presidency, it was perfectly clear that the former reality television star thought he was a king and expected America to roll over and do whatever the hell he wanted. Unfortunately for the unworthy POTUS, his presidency is panning out a lot differently than he imagined, and he’s just been sent another great big ‘f*ck you’ by the United States.

Trump’s voter fraud conspiracy has just been dealt a major blow and suffered a humiliating defeat, as every single state in America is refusing to give up the voter data that Trump is demanding. According to The Washington Post:

“In a rare display of bipartisanship, officials in nearly every state have said they will partially or fully refuse to comply with President Trump’s voting commission, which has encountered criticism and opposition after issuing a sweeping request for voter data nationwide. Even as some of the resistance centers on Trump and members of his commission, the broader responses from the states indicate a strong and widespread belief that local officials should be managing elections and that the White House’s request for volumes of information went too far.”

That’s right – America as a whole united and agreed that what Trump wanted was unconstitutional or illegal, and made moves to protect Americans’ private data. This is not only extremely embarrassing for Trump, but it also reveals that his administration is increasingly lazy and sloppy, having not even bothered to look and see if their request for the voter data was legal by state law!

Unlike Trump and his incompetent team, the majority of America is not so reckless and willing to bow down to a complete idiot. This will go down in the books as yet another one of Trump’s failures, as he is once again defeated by the checks and balances he thought he could overrun with his dictator-style ‘leadership.’ Way to go, America!

Featured image via Drew Angerer / Getty Images