Rep. Maxine Waters Just Nailed Ben Carson To The Wall With The Cold Hard Truth

Rep. Maxine Waters just called Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson out for the heartless a**hole that he is. Speaking at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, the California Democrat blasted Carson with the truth: He doesn’t give a damn “about people in public housing.”

“[Carson] knows nothing about the mission of HUD. He doesn’t care about people in public housing. He believes that if you are poor, it is your own fault. And he doesn’t know the difference between an immigrant and a slave.”

Waters was referring to when Carson put his ignorance on display in March, seemingly unable to tell the difference between “immigrants” and slaves brought here against their will in chains.

“That’s what America is about. A land of dreams and opportunity,” Carson had said. “There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less.”

Carson followed that up by insisting that poverty is really just “a state of mind.” Because of course, it is. Everybody knows that you can feed your children with happy thoughts, right?

“You take somebody that has the right mindset, you take everything from them and put them on the street and I guarantee in a little while they’ll be right back up there,” he said in May. “And you take somebody with the wrong mindset, you can give them everything in the world, they’ll work their way right back down to the bottom.”

Waters also told the crowd that Carson should be prepared for her to rain down fire when he testifies before the House Committee on Financial Services, which she just happens to be a ranking member of.

“[If he] thinks that I am going to give him a pass, I am going to take his ass apart,” Waters promised.

Featured image via Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images