City Of Chicago Just Told Trump To Go F*ck Himself With A Huge Golden Statue (IMAGES)

Donald Trump’s giant tower in Chicago now has a very appropriate neighbor — a sign that puts it (and Trump) into context.

Our “so-called President” has recently found himself the subject of ridicule for hanging up fake TIME Magazine covers at his properties in an effort to keep his massively undeserved ego satisfied. Recently, it was discovered that he invented a fake Civil War battleground to make one of his golf courses seem more important. He screams “FAKE NEWS” about real facts and calls lies the truth. Nothing about him (outside of his hatred for all that is good and decent) is real — and now there’s a sign to say it.

Chicago artist Scott Reeder  created a giant (appropriately golden) statue that says simply “REAL FAKE,” which is on loan to the city of Chicago and was placed there as part of their Year of Public Art program. It sits across the river from Trump Tower in the perfect location for a great photo:

According to city spokeswoman Christine Carrino, “any insult is entirely in the eye of the beholder” but “what’s wonderful about art is that it is completely open to interpretation.” The spot has become very popular with the extreme majority of Americans who happen to be in Chicago sightseeing. And why not? It looks quite nice at night:

I LOVE Chicago!!! #DumpTrump #TrumpSucks #?

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Donald Trump is a joke — a really bad, really dangerous joke that is popular with Nazis, racists, and other bigots and needs to be stopped. It’s good to see the city of Chicago recognize that.

A week after the sign was installed, Trump decided to send federal agents into the city for unrelated but unfortunately timed reasons. It almost, given the circumstances, seems like his decision to make good on his January threat to “send in the feds” was somehow related to this joke at his expense. But he wouldn’t be that petty, would he?

No, seriously, would he?

Featured image via screengrab