Chuck Todd Takes On Trump’s Media Attacks, This Is Going To Get Ugly (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s attacks on the free press continue to get worse, and the media is pushing back. On Monday, Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet The Press pummeled Trump for his latest disgusting tweets and comments against the “fake news” media, and it was exactly what the country needed to hear.

Todd’s words are incredibly timely, as Trump is now inciting violence against members of the media, directly tweeting videos of himself beating up a reporter from CNN. Todd made note of the fact that Trump has gotten increasingly hostile during his presidency, and his “nasty” attacks on reporters have hit a new low. Todd also pointed out that Trump’s administration has gone to great lengths to restrict the press and prevent them from sharing crucial details with the American people.

While presidents often face criticism from the press, Todd argued that Trump’s relationship with the press is in an unprecedented league of its own – and it’s pretty scary. Todd said:

“If these actions and this language was being used by a leader in a different country, our State Department… would be saying ‘That country is inching towards authoritarianism.’ Because that’s usually the first sign: when you try to delegitimize a free press.”

Todd also slammed Trump for “dehumanizing” people in the media.

“What the president does with his tweets, and I had this conversation with him, I said don’t personalize it. Attack the entities all you want, but when you attack individuals, you dehumanize.”

Trump’s bullying isn’t anything new – his racist, sexist policies and messages have long proven that Trump has the maturity of a child and is unable to have disagreements with people or process criticism like an adult. However, what Trump has now done to the media with these vicious attacks needs to be addressed as soon as possible, before someone gets hurt.

You can watch Todd try to wake America up below:

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