Chris Christie Has Disgusting Response To Angry NJ Residents, He Sounds Just Like Trump Now

Once New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was defeated while running as a Republican candidate in the 2016 election, he quickly kissed up to Donald Trump and became one of the disgraceful POTUS’ biggest advocates. Judging from how Christie has conducted himself over the last few days, he still admires the hell out of Trump.

People have been furious with Christie recently, after photos surfaced of him enjoying a New Jersey beach with his family – a luxury that wasn’t afforded to any other New Jersey resident. Why not? Because Christie decided to shut down several state parks, beaches, and more over the Fourth of July weekend due to a budget stalemate that Christie was a major part of.

In an interview on Monday with Good Day Philadelphia, Christie responded to all of the backlash he’s received for enjoying a beach that was closed to everyone else. His response could have been written by Trump himself. He simply said:

 “I’m sorry they’re not the governor.”

Over the weekend, Christie had a similar moronic response to his use of the beach house where he was photographed:

“That’s the way it goes. Run for governor, and you can have the residence.”

Heartless, disrespectful, and despicable – and extremely close to something Trump had said recently when he went off the rails at a rally to honor veterans. Trashing the media, Trump said:

“I’m the president, and they’re not.”

This really isn’t a good look for Christie. After all, his approval rating in his final six months in office is pathetically low, at 15% – which is another thing he has in common with the disturbingly unpopular Trump.

Voters have been so outraged over this, it’s safe to say that Christie won’t be New Jersey’s governor for long. Hopefully, we can say the same for Trump.

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images