Trump Rages: My Tweets Attacking Mika Are ‘Modern Day Presidential’

The Twitter-addicted ‘president’ just explained all of his recent vile tweets, which by many have been deemed to be unpresidential. Not so, says amateur president Donald Trump. The current occupant of the White House just explained on Twitter that his “use of social media is not Presidential – it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America Great Again!” Well, now you know! Trump is not just a big whiny baby, he’s a modern day whiny baby!

He wrote this in Republican caps so it must be for reals.

Trump ended his Twitter-tantrum with this.

We know this will shock you, but his latest tweet didn’t go down well on the social site.

Trump was called out by Republicans and Democrats after his latest attack on a woman. This time, Trump insulted MSNC’s Mika Brzezinski and even after he was condemned for it in a bipartisan manner, he continued to attack her.

As it happens, a Fox News poll concludes that Seventy-one percent say that Trump’s tweets are hurting his agenda. Just 17 percent see the tweets as helpful. Trump is losing his own base because of his f*cking Twitter account.

A heroin epidemic is sweeping across the U.S., the world is in chaos as Trump tried to make nice with China, then sold $1.4 billion worth of arms with Taiwan, which of course, pissed off China. And now he’s making war noises toward North Korea. Guess whose help Trump would need if a war broke out with N.K.? China’s, that’s who. But instead of addressing these problems – some of which he caused – the 71-year-old man-baby is tweeting insults to media figures.

And now he’s declaring that his mean-girl tweets are ‘modern day presidential’ and that – somehow – will ‘Make America Great Again.’

It seems so long ago and yet it was only last year when we had an actual modern president, one who held the highest office in the land with dignity and respect.

And just a few months later, we find ourselves suddenly in a ‘dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.’

Twitter really needs to ban that old troll.

Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images.